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* Jack Armstrong: Texas Roots; Texas Individuality..... (click to open)

Jack Armstrong grew up in Ft. Worth Texas, then attended the University of Texas at Austin where he earned a BA degree in English with a minor in Government. In 1994, after earning a Doctorate of Jurisprudence from the Oklahoma City University School of Law, he became licensed to practice law in the State of Texas. He's been an attorney and an entrepreneur in Austin for the last 16 years, helping people to become land-owners and realize their own American dream.

Jack says, "Texas has always meant freedom and individuality to me. So when politicians tried to take away our land/ownership rights and our Constitutional rights and freedoms, that wasn't the Texas I love or want to leave to the next generation. Our children deserve the same awesome state I grew up in, so I'm doing my part to put us back on course. Do your part and Vote Libertarian!!"

* Jack's a Texas lawyer with everyman work/people experience

* Licensed to Practice Law in the State of Texas - 15 years.
* Licensed to Broker Real Estate in the State of Texas - 15 years
* Escrow Officer / Title Closer - 10 years.
* Certified Mediator (Completed the 40 Hour Mediation Training Course (Trainers: Corder & Thompson). Served as Volunteer Mediator many hours at the Alternative Dispute Resolution Center before, during and after mediating in his other capacities.
* Routinely helps his clients obtain the best result in every case, deal or dispute.
* And perhaps most importantly, he has been successfully working with skilled laborers, contractors, brokers, banks, & homeowners on all sides of the transactions or disputes for 20+ years. He knows the laws and the creative fixes while at the same time, he knows how important it is to listen and keep an open mind to new ideas and possibilities. We need this kind of open-creative mind on the bench. It's time to change course - Vote Jack Armstrong for balance on the Supreme Court of Texas!

* Jack believes in Freedom from taxes; the Freedom to Live

Jack joined the Libertarian Party because they believe in small, non-intrusive government and low taxes (economic freedom). But Libertarians also believe in social freedom:  You live how YOU want if you're not injuring others. (unlike the Republican or Democratic politicians, who believe they know better how you should live, Or spend your money than you do! : O)

Jack believes you have the absolute right to own your life, liberty and property!!  It's the American Dream and the Libertarian party is the only party left in favor of it.

* Radio Interview on 90.1FM

* Jack's NOT for Sale!!!!!!

The biggest difference between Jack Armstrong and the Republican candidate is that he's not a bought and paid-for candidate.  He represents the people. By contrast, Eva Guzman is a cog in the corporate-political machine.  She has political debt to Gov. Perry, her political party and her corporate sponsors (-she now has over a $400,000.00 war-chest!!- that's a bias on the bench that should not happen). Here's an example of how this is a really bad thing: http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/news/texassouthwest/stories/021010dntexslater.10075e2ff.html  (this decision is a disgrace!) Also see Corruption #2 here. Jack will strive to work against this type of injustice if elected to the Supreme Court of Texas.

Jack Armstrong has NO political debt and owes ONLY THE PEOPLE! Vote Jack Armstrong and let's get somebody on the Court with the people's interest at heart, not powerful lobbyists and corporations.

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