* Libertarianism is the American Dream! ........ (click to open)

Libertarians believe in small, non-intrusive government and low taxes, but believe in social freedom.  Basically the best of what the Republican party used to stand for: pro-small-business, low taxes, government restraint and personal responsibility;
But also, the best of the Democratic party: socially accepting but without government intrusion or rampant spending associated with the Democratic ideal.

Libertarians believe you should live how YOU want if you're not injuring others. Jack believes you have the absolute right to own your life, liberty and property!!  It's the American Dream and the Libertarian party is the only party left in favor of it. You know better how you should live than someone who never met you! : o)

Your vote for Jack Armstrong helps to insure the Texas Constitution shall be interpreted in keeping with the ideals of our Founding Fathers: Liberty and Justice for All !

* Liberty and Justice for All - NOT big government and big taxes:

Whatever Republican and Democratic parties used to stand for, the politicians now seem bent on taking as much money they can squeeze out of you for THEIR agenda: Big government = Big taxes!

Worse yet, this ever-expanding government now recklessly tramples our most important Constitutional guarantees. America once stood for entrepreneurial freedom, property ownership, personal Liberty and Justice. Recent attempts to (a) deny habeas corpus to U.S citizens incarcerated on American soil, (b) eavesdrop on American citizens without obtaining a warrant, (c) use torture and (d)
enable private companies to take your property in the name of eminent domain, all in violation of the U.S. and Texas Constitutions, indicate that our Liberty is in jeopardy.

Libertarians believe in small government, Liberty and Justice for all. Libertarians believe YOU know better how to live YOUR life and spend your own money than a complete stranger does!

Vote Jack Armstrong for Justice, and take a step to safeguard our American way of life that made us the most free and most prosperous nation on Earth.

* Republican party stands for billionaires' rights, Not Yours!

We already know the Democratic party is not pro-business. Meanwhile, the Republican party IS for business, just not YOUR business. If you're not already a multi-million or billionaire, you can't make a meaningful contribution to a Republican campaign, and they don't care about you!!

1). This case is an example:
http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/news/texassouthwest/stories/021010dntexslater.10075e2ff.html where an old couple got screwed by the Court because the big builder bought the Court (paid for ALL their campaigns). By the way, Eva Guzman has over $400,000.00 in political war-chest money. Ask yourself who has that kinda cash to throw around?!?

2). Also in Kelo v. City of New London, 545 U.S. 469 (2005), (see this article also) where a Republican dominated Supreme Court voted to take Susette Kelo's house so Pfizer could build a R&D center (they voted to take YOUR property ownership rights!) Now, the land where Susette Kelo's home once stood is an empty lot, and the promised 3,169 new jobs and the $1.2 million a year in tax revenues never materialized. Even 'Justice Sandra Day O’Connor said it gave “disproportionate influence and power” to the well-heeled.'

Bottom line: a Republican politician does NOT have your interests in mind, so why vote for one?

* Political Tests - Are you Libertarian? Click here to find out!

Political Test #1 -very short- (click here)

Political Test #2 -more in-depth, more fun! (click here). (Anything above a score of 10 means you're a budding Libertarian, and your government does not represent you! My score was 60 - which means I believe we need a SMALL government framework of laws, public land and parks, social services, fire, police... as our best chance for unbiased application of those things - as part of a reliable society. But, in general, far less government involvement in the decisions we make for our lives, much less tax and more responsibility for ourselves).

How does this translate to the decisions I would make on the Court? It means I would favor Court precedents in keeping with the Texas Constitution. A constitution framed around our Texas pioneering spirit and individuality, where we have always had the freedom to make our own decisions for how we run our lives and businesses.

Does this sound like you too? If so, you are Libertarian! (meaning, in relation to where the Republican and Democratic parties have gone, -read, to the extremes- the Libertarian party is the only party left that truly represents you (and our core American value of Liberty).

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