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The Court is composed of a Chief Justice and eight Associate Justices. The Court meets in Austin, Texas in a building located on the state Capitol grounds, behind the Texas capitol. Each member of the Court must be at least 35 years of age, a citizen of Texas, licensed to practice law in Texas, and must have practiced law (or have been a lawyer and a judge of a court of record together) for at least ten years.[6]

"I believe the Court needs to be made up of real people, not career politicians or career judges. These folks are removed from life as a business owner or worker, yet they decide the final word on how we live our lives and do our work!! Vote for me, Jack Armstrong to help bring balance to the Supreme Court of Texas." - Jack Armstrong

* Justice's beliefs matter most

A person's beliefs are the most important factor for a Justice, because the Supreme Court decides how we all live in Texas. Now more than ever, we need a Justice who believes in the ideals of our Founding Fathers and will decide cases in keeping with those, the ideals that framed the U.S and Texas Constitutions. Help protect our Liberty and Justice on the Supreme Court of Texas: Vote for the Libertarian candidate, Jack Armstrong.

The Supreme Court of Texas is the
court of last resort for non-criminal matters (but includes juvenile delinquency which the law considers to be a civil matter and not criminal) in the state of Texas. A different court, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, is the court of last resort for criminal matters. Examples of the types of decisions the Supreme Court of Texas hears are these recent cases:
Who owns groundwater in the aquifer? (San Antonio Express-News) 18 Feb 2010
Is Exotic Dancing a Form of Free Speech? (New York Times Economix Blog) 16 Feb 2010
Officer wins worker's comp dispute (Houston Chronicle) 23 Jan 2010
Texas SC: Court at Law judge had no jurisdiction in $3.8 M probate case (Southeast Texas Record) 21 Jan 2010

* Less taxes, Less government will make us stronger again!

1. One of the things we've lost site of in all our progress, is that we are responsible for ourselves, our decisions and the consequences. The more we expect government to do for us, the less freedom and money we'll have to do anything. More taxes on everything we do, more government meddling in everything we do is the basic reason the U. S. is in trouble right now. We let our leaders steer us way off course : o But, you DO have a real choice: Vote Libertarian!

2. Our law changes somewhat to fit our culture as it changes. Jack believes, however, that some things should remain absolute: our Constitutional rights and freedoms should never change. Current keepers of our Liberty have run us off-course here as well. Neither Democrats nor Republicans seem to care about our property ownership rights, free-speech, right to be unencumbered by excessive taxes, government intrusions, etc - but Jack Armstrong does! Help him, help US! and vote him for Justice, Place 9.

* Supreme Court for Sale!

A code of conduct taught 1st Year law students prohibits any action that bears "the appearance of impropriety." This means, you do NOT do a thing that even LOOKS wrong. The 9 Justices of our Court heard a case involving a large corporation who helped buy their campaign. This looks REALLY improper because it is. 'Miraculously,' the corporation won the case after losing to up to that point. This decision is a disgrace! The Justices knew better and should be kicked off the bench!!! Here's an article about the case: http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/news/texassouthwest/stories/021010dntexslater.10075e2ff.html 

Eva Guzman has no history of corruption yet, but she does have political debt to Governor Perry, the Republican party and her corporate sponsors. She "acquired" over 1/2 a $$ MILLION DOLLARS $$ just for her primary race against Rose Vela!!! THAT's a LOT of political DEBT! All those firms, lobbyists, insurance companies, oil companies expect to get what they paid for: decisions that are good for them not you. Jack believes this kind of bias on the bench should not happen and presents a clear danger to even-handed justice on the Supreme Court of Texas. He's not a bought and paid-for candidate. He has NO political debt and owes ONLY THE PEOPLE! Jack Armstrong is NOT for Sale!! Tell everyone you know to vote for Jack Armstrong for Justice. We can beat those who seek to sabotage our American way of life!

* Corruption on the Court (part 2)!

[this excerpt is from Blake Bailey's website]

"When can a plaintiff win in the Texas Supreme Court?
When one insurance company sues another." -- from Judicial Tort Reform in Texas

That’s a joke among law clerks in the Texas Supreme Court, a reference to the court’s reputation for ruling in favor of corporations and insurance companies. It’s included in a recent study by a University of Texas law professor that documented that bias, finding that the court ruled in favor of corporations or the insurance industry 87 percent of the time.
A separate study by Texas Watch, a non-partisan, advocacy organization reached much the same conclusion based on the court’s rulings for 2007-2008, stating in a recent article that “Texas families and consumers do not have a level playing field at the Texas Supreme Court.  The Court has exhibited a clear bias towards insurance and corporate special interests for several years.”

"In many opinions the Supreme Court has held against a Texas citizen by deciding that the 12 members of the jury, the trial judge and the three Court of Appeals judges were 'unreasonable' in their fact findings. This is tantamount to stealing our right to trial by jury ... a right that is guaranteed by the U.S. and Texas constitutions.”
-- To read the complete study by David A. Anderson, click here. "

Bring fairness to the Supreme Court of Texas: Vote Jack Armstrong for Justice.

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